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698 Nonprofit organizations in Dallas, TX 75283
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A Harry Bennett And Little Anne Bennett Charitable Trust03$473,528$580,096
A P Giannini Trust 10-022-731347003$1,825,733$950,763
A W Moltke Scholarship Trust03$587,147$693,436
A Z Wells Foundation03$17,197,647$19,093,110
Abagail Robertson Trust03$282,989$32,430
Addie May Trainor Tua Charitable Tr03$670,164$231,350
Adolf & Kaethe Wechsler Memorial Fund03$1,107,061$551,609
Alfred L Leonhardt Tr B No 863941103$432,098$102,826
Alice H Merriam Tuw03$73,528$109,514
Alice Peirce Sylvester Trust03$316,129$242,537
Alma Morelock Charitable Trust03$630,746$221,963
American Cancer Society Trust92$796,098$493,864
Andrew Maxine & Carrie E Tribble Trust03$2,221,153$832,099
Ann L Rhodes And Carol Greene Rhodes Charitable Tr03$26,730,892$23,797,494
Anna Elno Irving Fbo Mercy Hospital03$2,533,846$1,075,011
Anna G Dunlap Scholarship Fund 02525-02 252503$1,363,499$601,936
Anna L Morgan Family Trust03$537,457$380,303
Anna Pfeiffer Charitable Trust03$3,768,054$1,329,220
Anne Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund03$176,129$52,288
Annie Wright School Trust03$208,039$69,358
Anton Gvora Irrev Trust04$763,223$303,701
Antonia Smolin And Victor Smolin Scholarship Fund03$449,563$432,234
Arnold L & Lois B Graves Tr03$1,316,309$844,580
Arra And Eva Woods Charitable Trust Ua 715-99219203$1,174,072$486,948
Arthur B Wittig For Seattle Foundation 845-068760803$1,257,824$428,266
Arthur C Hughes Foundation Trust03$57,212$2
Arthur M Miller Fund03$381,458$476,634
Aston Foundation03$217,143$145,061
Athalie Fellhauer Charitable Tua03$1,141,424$1,142,380
Athearn-sophie & Wilbur Albright Scholarship03$1,187,091$479,116
Aubrey Levy Trust92$226,353$79,302
August C Magnus Memorial Fund03$329,581$104,294
Ayleen P Wilcox Tr03$1,435,360$82,568
B Degginger Tr Ua Fbo Highland 01-25-8803$433,138$399,818
B F Dreyfoos Jewish Mem Hosp Trust 349703$251,593$211,305
Bailey H Dunlap Memorial Library Tr No 1 Nationsbank Of Tx Na Ttee92$57,044$57,411
Bankamerica Group Benefits Program Tr09$458,952,728$2,474,715,347
Bartholomew Family Scholarship And Loan Fund03$505,918$119,331
Bernice Cheney Trust Ua 30-11-111-304498991  
Bernstein Charitable Tr 10-20-001-2-30890-003$4,302,692$933,651
Bertha And John Garabedian Charit Foundation 022-253156003$4,297,553$697,342
Bertha Degginger Trust Fbo Umkc 10 195410003$496,964$369,204
Bertha Z Ellis Trust03$459,729$404,133
Bess A Wilkins Memorial Scholarship Fund03$919,167$388,789
Bessie & Godfrey Thompson Charitable Fdn 115-204-0485201-1903$1,091,645$473,796
Bessie Heard Foundation03$1,395,526$1,346,341
Betty O Bauer03$1,257,323$537,840
Beulah T Leith Charitable Trust03$327,753$152,993
Birkett Williams Lecture Fund Foundation03$325,251$471,675
Bishop Foundation 044480203$3,398,825$1,243,818
Blake Recording For The Blind Trust03$627,394$498,748
Boeing Company Charitable Trust03$63,127,474$33,338,590
Borton-ryder Memorial Hospital Fund03$300,338$129,765
Bour Memorial Scholarship Fund 10-00024-0003$561,011$238,486
Boy Scouts Of America92$595,811$466,086
Brask Gudrun03$903,980$348,021
Breckenridge Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund13$503,294$145,856
Brown Assistance Fund Trust03$569,152$335,871
C L & Gladys Lloyd Tr 1 069190003$868,390$882,510
C L And Gladys Lloyd Trust Ii Nect03$6,667,354$3,503,353
Cahalan Foundation03$257,637$44,583
Callie Mcgrath Charitable Tr 07129503$13,409,577$15,741,778
Calmerton Educational Foundation03$1,398,360$30,348
Campbell Ina T03$11,759,806$5,774,041
Carl C Anderson Sr And Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation03$65,231,906$43,420,546
Carl J Erickson Scholarship03$71,455$68,776
Carl O Peterson Memorial Fund03$351,410$441,154
Carrie J Loose Trust 216 1st Natl Bank Of Kansas City03$15,229,079$6,145,423
Carrie S Orleans Trust 034530092$2,259,540$1,629,572
Castera George Charitable Trust92$1,759,863$216,337
Celia & Leonard A Levand Public Fund 75 01 100 065150503$3,314,808$4,241,997
Charles & Jennie Fermaturo Charitable Foundation03$1,450,360$599,038
Charles & Nancy Oden Luce Trust92$266,591$236,028
Charles Downey Charitable Trust Uw03$526,943$619,811
Charles Edward Stuart Charitable03$58,988,451$34,668,195
Charles H Harris Foundation Tr 027903$6,537,073$2,807,875
Charles M Taylor Iii Memorial Fund For Episcopal Seminarians03$148,945$181,646
Charles N Webster Trust03$1,339,097$545,828
Charles S Jones Memorial Tr Fund03$4,004,115$1,553,985
Charles T & Katie B Brackins Scholarship Foundation03$11,266$3,172
Chensteinomalleysven Foundation03$1,357,828$364,722
Children Mercy Hospital Endowment Fund 502020193203092$4,951,859$1,868,721
Clara B & W Aubrey Smith Charitable Foundation03$15,254,239$868,043
Clara Stewart Watson Foundation03$610,853$196,531
Clarence A Barton And Mae G Barton Scholarship Trust03$1,891,237$774,097
Claude X Nicoulin Nect92$444,964$150,034
Cleo Downey Charitable Trust03$130,519$125,956
Clorinda Giannini Memorial Benefit Fund03$531,909$513,136
Co Char Tr W & R Cadman03$191,572$122,218
Co Ir Franklin Scholarship Trust03$426,203$515,503
Co Tr Uw A L Stevens92$12,879,318$13,933,523
Co Tuw Edna May Corey Charitable03$820,533$233,813
Co Tuw Irene Vickers Baker 103$613,172$346,867
Co-tr Ir Char Wallace Shields92$362,108$42,960
Co-tuw Marion & Miriam Rose92$2,034,489$683,973
Col W E Eastwood Jr Charitable Fdn Trust For Crippled Children03$172,457$44,879
Conkling Hussey Charitable Trust03$1$148,156
Cooper Isaac03$632,977$213,487
Cora A Hull Charitable Trust A03$3,681,924$1,559,450
Cora Jordan Trust03$178,343$53,647
Cordelia Taylor Memorial Trust03$21,517$21,848
Courtney S Turner Charitable Trust Boatmens First Natl Bk Of Kc Ttee03$23,466,632$13,204,758
Craig Heard Mem Tua Khc-Te03$4,875,701$6,783,521
Crystelle Waggoner Charitable Trust03$13,657,907$6,256,038
Culver Memorial Scholarship Trust03$1,712,334$1,569,052
Cumberland Presbyterian Church Tr Uw 30 11 111 320001191  
Cutter Albert B Memorial Fd92$942,494$1,170,920
Cypress Cemetery Foundation Trust13$89,612$2,409
D W Morse Family Scholarship03$560,571$323,548
Daedalian Foundation Tr Ua03$254,712$181,549
Daniel Cemetery Tr 043470013$145,060$8,084
David And Betty Sacks Foundation Trust03$623,091$338,684
David T Beals Iii Charitable Tr03$16,698,944$7,952,401
Della K Crosby Trust92$747,714$171,237
Domenico & Mary Coluccio Fdn Char Tr 845 406890003$1,272,992$470,623
Donald G Hunt Charitable Tr 12212006 002200-143466103$783,479$568,083
Doris Ham Shupe Charitable Remainder Trust03$40,337$14,510
Doris Ham Shupe Charitable Remainder Trust Dtd 09308203$1,920,212$576,137
Doris Julian Charitable Tr03$4,704,142$180,718
Dorothy Benton Charitable Tr Uw03$1,066,499$88,988
Dorothy Boone Fund03$1,531,250$551,607
Dorothy F Thorne Foundation03$611,726$749,845
Dorothy K Thomas Nect03$1,347,368$448,301
Dorothy M Booth Charitable Trust03$1,451,114$178,713
Dorothy Price Trust 5462 Uw03$1,217,100$165,941
Dr & Mrs Paul Pierce Memorial Foundation03$494,584$151,159
Dr Mildred Cariker Charitable Trust03$2,429,849$2,567,896
Dr Samuel Ayres And Mildred Lawson Ayres Student Fund 10 03237 0003$305,535$104,764
Duncah A & Sophie L Anderson Fbo Shriners Hospital & Whitworth Coll03$262,736$110,489
Duncan A & Sophie L Anderson Foundation Trust B03$133,396$55,765
E Dick Slaughter Trust92$4,460,001$5,598,447
E F Swinney Trust 437803$1,705,395$2,004,059
E F Swinney Trust-438103$78,952$69,678
E J Demas Charitable Trust 103$634,789$258,040
E J Yentzer Charitable Trust03$97,762$22,484
E L Cooter Trust-589603$459,524$353,117
E Watkins 1st Presb Ch Lawrence03$57,006$53,597
Ed E & Gladys Hurley Foundation03$2,440,448$2,787,342
Edna Perry Sims Irrev Tuw 74-11-111-181450003$338,983$354,666
Edward A Lorber Jewish Religions Educational Foundation03$449,337$152,399
Edward F Swinney Nect03$18,201,957$19,274,647
Edward F Swinney Foundation 30722503$987,719$1,027,612
Edward F Swinney Kansas City University Gymnasium Fund03$6,772,485$2,650,715
Edward F Swinney Student Loan03$1,018,095$625,419
Edward M Raymond Irrv Tuw Ir03$119,531$94,684
Edwin J & Ruby Lee Yagow Foundation03$2,615,165$1,674,697
Eldon Lowell Guhl And Bertha Verda Guhl Charitable Foundation03$2,020,572$563,840
Elise V Cann Tr04$916,123$799,915
Elizabeth A Hull Charitable Trust03$31,748,806$17,719,719
Elizabeth Corlin Irrev Charitable Trust Dtd 010187 No 06-5-00473-003$5,935,253$1,880,636
Elizabeth G Bishop Charitable Tr Dtd 08048403$1,167,468$708,707
Elizabeth M Watkins Trust 303203$1,858,488$763,582
Elizabeth M Watkins Trust Fbo W & H Hall03$3,389,540$1,370,714
Elizabeth M Watkins Trust For Kansas Univ Endowment Assoc 303803$1,124,420$443,772
Elizabeth M Watkins Trust For Lawrence Memorial Hospital03$2,162,802$1,970,759
Elizabeth M Watkins Trust-ks Childrens Service League03$207,533$31,309
Elizabeth O Davis Trust 6955 First Natl Bk Of Kansas City03$1,796,563$272,063
Elizabeth O Davis Trust Fbo Harry Et Al92$474,835$49,690
Ella C Lemon Tr Fbo Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital03$267,022$184,023
Ella C Loose Trust 4230 First Natl Bk Of Kc03$303,766$323,851
Ella C Loose Trust 4316 Boatmens 1st Natl Bk Of Kc03$7,942,455$3,357,461
Ella Frances Brisley And Noma Brisley Phillips Scholarship Loan03$2,458,763$827,743
Ellen B Demar Trust92$108,405$60,607
Emma C Gehr Foundation03$8,664,792$3,260,692
Emma E Leavenworth03$1,031,792$433,821
Emma Nylen Charitable Trust03$578,026$37,827
Emma Smith Olsen Tuw 03-6054-02303$225,602$169,814
Emma Williams Security Pacific Natl Bank Committee03$264,458$84,399
Ernest Bates Foundation03$76,956$4,453
Ernest L Kurth Jr Charitable Foundation03$30,128,968$20,560,463
Ernestine Peabody Memorial Fund03$79,198$77,641
Erroll Rawson Charitable Trust03$604,994$230,132
Erwin L Weber Schlorship Tuw Tr92$241,985$193,106
Essa Culbertson Remedial School Program03$152,760$53,482
Essa Culbertson Trust92$82,430$27,507
Ethel Dyatt Charitable Trust Nect03$546,440$193,567
Ethel Frends Char Fdn Tr Ua03$3,514,814$3,013,698
Eugenia M & Grace V Hack Memorial Trust Nect92$520,392$189,369
Eusebia Stonestreet Trust Uw03$13,714,422$14,010,820
F J Wilson Tr Fbo Ashland History Society03$863,408$170,982
F M Bernardin Charitable Trust03$3,512,485$1,569,751
F V Hall Jr & Marylou Hall Childrens Crisis Foundation03$1,175,084$413,364
Fannie F English Scholarhship Fund03$706,212$132,872
Farison Fund For Engineering Education03$869,851$290,441
Felix Meyer Trust03$698,529$593,776
First Baptist Church Of Dallas Tr92$782,702$334,256
First Lutheran Church Of Topeka Trust03$375,690$129,572
Florence Foundation03$1,762,174$453,859
Florence H Gahagan Educational Memorial92$110,340$39,336
Florence R Wilkes Irrevocable Trust03$259,331$331,219
Floy M Cadwallader Religous Trust 2785192$1,486,377$1,902,346
Forney Foundation03$39,368$19,948
Forrest E Jones For Baker University03$718,957$766,028
Forrest E Jones For Oklahoma Indian Mission Methodist Conference03$303,389$280,969
Fort Worth Childrens Hospital Trust 135103$430,880$197,954
Fort Worth Society For Crippled Children & Adults 135203$2,586,624$2,537,427
Frances & Josephine Holley Education Tr03$488,095$184,313
Francois Vinecore Memorial Scholarship Foundation03$332,295$194,725
Francys C Welch Fund03$304,865$151,801
Frank & Jane Jemison Fund Tr 6t-2330-00-004$205,063$10,474
Frank A & Gladys F Chamberlain03$791,780$493,758
Frank And Anne West Foundation03$441,301$189,055
Frank L Hall Trust 94637-00-603$3,182,268$838,014
Frank P Young03$1,320,901$459,955
Frank Wagner Memorial Trust03$857,119$869,849
Fred & Gretel Biel Tuw Char Tr03$2,213,506$856,201
Fred F & Stella Kopke Foundation Trust03$173,652$32,460
Fred L Deakins Trust Uw 30-11111-302223392  
Frederick & Thelma H Nickelson Char & Educational Trust03$181,793$55,336
G H & Eliz Davis Fbo Christ Presbyterian 5011111373090092$72,205$73,103
G H Davis Trust Fbo Nettleton Home 6325 First Natl Bk Of Kansas City03$70,585$12,045
Gaines H Billue Charitable Living T Rust03$1,564,541$139,896
Garland D Rhoads Foundation03$508,276$365,202
George A & Sophia L Gaetz Charitable Tr03$385,122$625,195
George A Barker Tr03$4,588,179$1,747,026
George And Magnolia Willis Sealy Foundation03$224,922$24,436
George F & Ora Nixon Arnold Foundation03$661,657$216,279
George H & Elizabeth O Davis Tr5668 First Natl Bk Of Kansas City03$173,382$154,515
George H Davis Trust Fbo Dorothy92$1,800,141$273,249
George H Davis Trust Fbo Employees First Natl Bk Of Kansas City03$136,404$17,778
George Hedgepeth Private Foundation03$73,378$85,278
George R And Mildred E Kingston Charitable Trust03$1,648,900$498,927
George Stamberger Trust03$285,575$351,739
George Trimble Special Need Trust Fund03$377,769$417,846
George W Patton Trust 10-10-206-219831003$11,311,622$13,439,946
George W Trimble03$15,881,287$15,133,012
George William Patton & Mary Patton Foundation Trust B03$12,669,433$14,849,158
Gertrude & Homer Boyd Scholarship Fund 03333-1003$1,549,019$675,790
Gertrude Emilie Braun Trust03$522,398$427,604
Gertrude Floyd Boyd Charitable Trust03$998,406$427,288
Gertrude Floyd Boyd Charitable Trust03$1,441,157$616,508
Gilcrease Endowment Trust 7801101-446760091$1,470,484$881,859
Gn Spencer Foundation03$4,046,230$1,425,060
Goldweber Foundation A Trust National Bank Of Commerce03$997,062$92,486
Grace Cartwright Memorial Tr Fund03$442,411$325,148
Grace G Robertson Memorial Trust03$232,018$66,403
Grant A And Peg Brady Dove Foundation03$2,075,683$370,885
Greer Garson Endowment Fund03$108,033$14,429
Griffith J Griffith Trust03$2,219,037$1,154,125
Gus F Schreiner Trust 192$3,186,740$1,291,393
Guy And Nyda Prater Scholarship Fund03$293,874$107,435
Guy I Bromley Residuary Trust03$5,068,336$1,947,324
Guy R Vonpressenti Tuw Tr03$145,796$105,494
H & D Courtney Educ Fdn Tua92$1,091,729$365,661
H B Ingram & Harry Stinson Jr Trust03$353,477$321,704
H C & C B Locke Charitable Tr Uw03$2,067,012$277,158
H J Diffenbaugh Trust Fbo Baker University03$197,623$74,172
H J Diffenbaugh Trust Fbo Kansas University03$229,001$87,104
H J Diffenbaugh Trust Fbo University Of Illinois03$446,788$167,746
H M & Hethe Page Garwood Scholarship03$15,338$1,283
H Scott Gault Trust Baotmens Natl Bk Kansas City Ttee03$562,614$625,409
Hahl Proctor Charitable Trust Account 1290-0903$4,634,364$485,279
Hal Homes Memorial Bank Fund Rainier Bank C M Tax Ttee03$403,093$109,316
Hale Davis Trust Nect92$3,264,922$1,471,610
Harold & Martha Barto Scholarship Trust03$321,977$255,069
Harold Caruthers Charitable Foundation03$2,209,303$957,908
Harris Olga B Charitable Trust92$2,053,943$813,868
Harry Arnote Charitable Foundation03$387,085$74,167
Harry B Boyce Trust03$110,421$95,780
Harry England Trust 532-5001101393810003$671,153$78,481
Harry F Lose Testamentary Trust03$5,661,837$2,447,591
Harry M Bennett Family Trust03$270,557$625,025
Harry M Bennett Testamentary Trust03$1,390,523$1,470,272
Harry S And Isabel C Cameron Foundation03$29,260,690$15,764,726
Harry S Moss Heart Trust03$35,658,481$7,052,379
Harry W & Virginia Robins0n Trust03$4,048,775$1,675,653
Harry Wilson Loose Boatmens Natl Bk Of Kc03$5,099,668$2,195,275
Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation03$9,515,855$2,776,122
Hazel M Boswell Educational Trust 30 11 111 303273703$312,839$224,939
Hefflefinger Scholarship Fund03$190,447$59,185
Helen English Trust Fbo Mrs Barret Etal03$815,653$953,635
Helen Freeborn Kerr Charitable Foundation03$1,271,382$425,473
Helen Gertrude Sparks Charitable Trust Interfirst Fort Worth Na Tte03$615,567$182,421
Helen Irwin Littauer Educational Trust 198203$7,237,325$3,957,632
Helen Paulson Gunderson Trust 6415 930103$2,392,129$792,210
Helen Shacklet Shouse Memorial Scholarship Tr03$226,471$13,583
Henry Domrese Trust Uw03$543,096$316,654
Henry P Keller Trust03$1,372,388$454,952
Herbert Vincent Jones Jr Foundation03$1,746,989$743,708
Herbert Zahl Foundation03$762,298$725,135
Herman George W Charitable03$2,684,735$3,036,023
Higgins Family Charitable Foundation03$10,725,371$302,511
Hillcrest Foundation03$120,619,706$44,059,191
Holley-franklin Medical Research Trust03$616,977$733,548
Horse Creek Trust03$2,105,995$1,679,332
Hourly Nummi Retiree Supp Health Ins Plan09$54,758,216$97,503,463
Howard Payne College Trust Nect92$475,124$357,438
Ina Calkins Tr 01101370180003$6,005,745$2,285,318
Ir Char Bertha Trimble92$1,121,595$1,470,748
Ir Char William K Trimble92$391,911$162,345
Ir Tr Ua Dora & Arthur Johnson03$1,111,333$1,224,256
Ir Tua Herbert Blair03$867,900$156,927
Ir Tua Mary A Troost03$75,755$145,725
Ir Tua Mason L Dean Char03$351,819$127,444
Ir Tuw E M Watkins Pres Hc03$122,302$141,353
Ir Tuw Mary Ann Grier Char Tr92$98,258$63,492
Irrev Tr Ua Cleda Hanneman03$668,911$755,064
Irrev Tr Ui Crarey-griest Char03$1,130,140$1,064,186
Irtui Mary Sellars Fbo Ks Univer03$305,565$91,692
Ivor Oconner Morgan Trust92$4,935,534$3,878,525
J D Walthour Tr92$1,557,163$379,640
J M Forrest Charitable Trust03$1,158,773$79,629
Jack & Lillian Adams Charitable Tr92$70,196$15
Jacob L Loose Million Dollar Charity Fund Trust 5503$3,432,549$1,458,416
Jacquelyn E Niehuss Foundation Tr 352703$496,101$158,634
James & Catherine Buck Char Tr Tua03$18,878,803$24,511,877
James A Baker & Laura L Baker Foundation Trust03$12,738,287$5,662,869
James Albritain Lawson Unitrust 532-5001101381310003$1,960,072$827,419
James Bell Lapsley Trust03$2,236,890$2,450,286
James Burns Ewart Memorial Scholarship Fund03$227,675$274,531
James S Seneker Trust For Religious Education 122680003$1,504,203$275,079
Janela & Virgil M Payne Trust Uw03$2,419,184$2,412,849
Janson Foundation C/o Sea-first National Bank03$2,036,822$523,834
Jeanne F Reese03$476,960$241,866
Jennie S Baker Tr 0311460003$487,982$211,526
Jerry & Betty Wilson Fund03$1,879,268$402,145
Jerry And Lucille Donnelly Scholarship Trust03$120,696$145,177
Jesse L Easterwood Scholarship Trust Fund For Texas A & M Univers03$6,217,673$2,715,376
Jesse W Cannon Scholarship Foundation03$2,274,275$330,267
Jessie & William Day Tr03$1,532,449$483,594
Jessie Obryan Mcintosh92$365,655$481,770
Jewel Oconnell Scholarship Trust03$259,398$324,238
Jewell Mccaslin Mission Fund Irrev Tr03$384,763$435,514
Jno E Owens Memorial Foundation03$675,885$258,106
John B Hawley Memorial Scholarship Fund Nect03$269,345$101,156
John B Rust Charity Trust 534003$987,211$328,014
John P Munson Scholarship Fund Security Pacific Bank Washington03$273,693$291,987
John Sealy Hospital Aid Society Trust Fund03$104,680$98,987
John T Opie Charitable Trust No 103$5,227,162$4,353,465
John W & Effie E Speas Memorial Trust03$32,757,515$37,098,633
Joni Elaine Templeton Charitable Foundation03$2,259,033$270,599
Joseph & Evelyn Pertusati Charitable 02206846637003$12,706,350$4,923,312
Joseph & Evelyn Pertusati Memorial Foundation 02206846637503$7,136,714$2,748,152
Josephine M & Everett O Royer Trust For Grace Episcopal Cathedral03$1,277,331$1,367,247
Juanita Travers Tr 082892 10-20-006 500967003$4,416,378$1,769,339
Judy And Nick Kauser Foundation03$657,603$642,795
Jw & Lw Rogers Trust Uw 30-01100307819303$3,655,105$1,001,790
Karl Keesy Tr First Presbyterian Church92$1,981,039$1,574,595
Karl Keesy Trust Bristol Methodist Church92$541,304$195,043
Kathryn & Otto H Wagner Charitable Trust03$780,209$1,022,869
Katrine Menzing Deakins Charitable Trust03$5,820,918$3,909,679
Kawabe Memorial Fund Aka Harry S Kawabe Trust03$4,179,219$4,344,433
Kenneth & Dorothy L Anderson Foundation03$2,370,448$897,520
Killian Memorial Scholarship Fund 03 6639 0003$292,836$194,461
Kirwan Family Foundation Inc03$1,885,770$1,435,512
La Sertoma International Trust03$164,637$63,197
Lackey Memorial Tr Fund No 042203$658,929$260,795
Lanham Foundation03$729,096$762,185
Lavina Jones Trust03$141,279$124,214
Lawrence Schlottman Tr03$558,889$649,865
Lazette Library Trust No 134 Interfirst Bank03$224,570$74,031
Lena & Harry Turner Foundation03$713,993$373,924
Lena E Callier Trust For The Hard Of Hearing & The Deaf03$4,636,659$1,114,638
Lenah L Blakely Charitable Tuw03$160,634$308,472
Lenore K Hall Education Tr Uw03$1$585,806
Leo A & Inez Dunkin Mcdonald Charitable Tr03$424,081$563,529
Leola M Osborn Trust03$156,369$170,893
Lesley Family Foundation03$9,476,268$2,777,510
Lewis & Selma Miller Trust A Wichita University 75-01100-34835003$2,179,745$879,057
Lewis & Selma Miller Trust B Friends University 75-01100-34847003$2,223,764$1,066,166
Lewis C & Alsey L Morton Memorial Trust92$271,938$75,879
Lewis Humphreys Charitable Trust03$77,352,286$64,508,458
Lewis Paul College Fund 11222201149092$2,707,799$746,112
Lila Miller Scholarship Trust03$249,967$213,424
Lillian Udell Lawrence Tr03$3,616,602$1,219,753
Lillie Mcauslan Cancer Memorial Trust03$1,672,229$506,895
Lillie Mcauslan-orthopedic Memorial Trust03$1,730,220$491,476
Lindon Q Skidmore Charitable Trust Boatmens First Natl Bk Of Kc03$2,243,158$895,950
Lloyd E And Marceleta Ray Charitable Trust03$1,126,738$437,126
Lois N Davidson Foundation03$403,194$231,037
Loma Linda Workers Comp03$2,933,201$1,916,223
Louetta M Cowden Foundation03$10,781,199$10,604,864
Louis And Elizabeth Nave Flarsheim Charitable Foundation03$3,063,490$832,913
Louis J & Millie Matcek Kocurek Charitable Foundation03$734,031$305,254
Louise Barekman Memorial Foundation03$78$67,171
Louise S Kidwiler Charitable Trust03$900,133$393,339
Love Me Charitable Endowment Fund03$262,767$392,104
Lula M Hill Tr No 078603$249,415$95,969
Lumir M & Virginia Mares Trust Uw03$132,738$85,194
Lutheran Community Services Northwest Foundation03  
Lyle P Bartholomew Scholarship And Loan Fund03$491,948$348,751
M C Batey Trust03$267,437$199,075
M C Bowman Foundation03$1,711,537$1,496,385
M H & H G Wood Char Tua03$716,911$250,061
M H & W P Mohle Charitable Trust03$570,351$566,755
Mabel And Joseph Friedman Charitable Fund03$567,546$244,527
Mangasarian M Mangasar Scholarship Fund03$1,790,372$273,975
Manhattan Fund-peine Char Fd Irrev Tua Tr03$7,851,157$3,053,228
Manuel E & Anne Belle Pusitz Charitable Tr No 103$560,735$522,251
Manuel E & Anne Belle Pusitz Charitable Tr No 203$285,967$308,509
Manuel E & Anne Belle Pusitz Charitable Tr No 303$275,634$94,646
Marcia & Otto Koehler Foundation03$7,018,021$3,747,529
Margaret G Myers Tuw03$1,188,449$884,701
Margaret H Williams Charitable Trust Boatmans First Natl Bk Ttee03$597,666$763,266
Margaret Miller & N A Everett Fdn Tr Nationsbank Of Tx N A Ttee92$240,354$137,116
Marie E Cruess Chartiable Trust03$470,655$119,583
Marie H Hamilton Scholarship Fund03$785,748$685,251
Marilyn & Alan Johnson Memorial Trust03$117,825$102,488
Martin W Prins Charitable Trust03$628,077$225,746
Mary H Powell Charitable U-a Tr03$358,163$93,994
Mary Ilo Smith Charitable Foundation03$1,662,153$624,178
Mary J Graves Tr Fund A B D F G 11222206801003$1,075,956$872,504
Mary Jo Mccain Charitable Trust Fbo Ccbc 30 02 203 074213003$491,011$517,045
Mason L Dean Foundation Ir Tua 50-16-101-372880092$1,318,305$467,962
Mason L Dean Testamentary Trust Boatmens 1st Natl Bank Ttee92$320,268$95,985
May H Ilgenfritz Testamentary Tr03$3,873,464$1,553,104
May Treat Morrison Chamber Music Foundation-concert Program03$1,878,012$1,963,118
May Treat Morrison Chamber Music Foundation-instruction Program03$2,427,729$2,339,049
May Treat Morrison Chamber Music Foundation-retirement Program03$621,799$658,307
Mccollum Charitable Irrv Tr 0223199903$1,433,317$551,090
Mcfadin-godfrey Historical Trust03$222,163$151,848
Mcfadin-godfrey Tuw J B Godfrey Austin Natl Bank Ttee03$171,657$142,620
Mcwilliams Memorial Hospital Trust 14 09288 0003$29,463,111$35,635,963
Melba C Wynne Foundation03$464,848$435,889
Melba R Williams Testamentary Trust Uw03$884,881$825,078
Mercy Work03$962,924$372,739
Message Of Life Ministries03$645,109$213,746
Mexia Academic Sweater & Scholarship Tr03$108,316$137,203
Mildred And Charles Wolveron Scholarship Trust03$447,173$163,550
Millar Scholarship Fund03$331,466$131,435
Millard Cope Scholarship Trust03$86,283$55,530
Milton E Daniel Trust03$51,492,219$40,338,549
Minnie B Hedrick Trust03$2,531,641$875,591
Minnie L Maffett Scholarship Trust03$1,236,503$330,649
Minnie Patton Scholarship Foundation03$2,748,166$2,328,604
Mitchell Saper And Rose Saper Trust03$584,204$88,221
Morris Stulsaft Test Tr03$23,915,114$10,061,690
Nathalie And Gladys Dalkowitz Charitable Trust03$2,249,302$2,404,065
National Audubon Society Trust Uw Nathaniel Blackburn92$3,921,084$3,949,172
Nestle Scholarship Foundation03$9,582,563$12,232,133
Nina Hansen Charitable Trust03$104,929$74,025
Nina L Remfry Diocese Of Western Mo Tr03$3,563,901$1,466,402
Nina O Durham Suc Co Tua92  
Noe & Betty Higinbotham Fund03$760,208$222,109
North Baker F B O The San Francisco Foundation03$2,435,362$3,327,839
Olive Kerry Trust03$425,800$162,988
Opal G Cox Charitable Trust03$5,123,849$3,783,116
Orpha Naomi Hathaway Fund03$74,897$79,816
Otto Schwartz Memorial Graduate Scholarship Fund03$934,978$78,551
Pansy Seitz Trust-71003$4,300,334$1,718,424
Parker Trust03$985,596$331,098
Paul H & Faye P Burgett Trust 01-5-10484-003$2,468,434$1,590,792
Paul Patton Charitable Trust Trust Division03$3,839,185$1,231,310
Pembroke Hill School Scholarship Tr03$686,949$236,975
Pemmy Smith Foundation03$2,330,857$2,202,232
Peter & Alice Koomruian Armenian Education Fund Trust03$453,350$232,563
Peter J Emt Infant Jesus Of Prague03$606,533$242,285
Philip P And Lucy Weber North Idaho Childrens Home Fund03$186,315$68,555
Philip P Weber And Lucy Weber Memorial Fund03$233,466$71,179
Pietrzycki Tr For School District 2 Columbia County03$186,312$234,847
Poncin Scholarship Fund92$6,798,919$2,764,946
Ponder Lee Brown Memorial Fund A03$193,677$192,454
Pratt Family Charitable Foundation Ua 12109603$1,816,182$379,249
Preston Memorial Trust Fund03$1,057,470$419,439
Price R & Flora A Reid Foundation03$203,004$239,882
Puget Sound Chapter Of Prsa03$156,948$39,566
R D Bierne Trust Fund92$142,304$139,803
R D Farmer Ir Suc Tuw03$2,788,496$2,137,316
R Harry Jones Trust 3455 First Natl Bk Kansas City Ttee03$1,044,889$235,520
R M Gouldner Memorial Medical Foundation03$1,412,175$1,682,339
Ralph Buchanan Albaugh Trust03$1,358,619$688,400
Ralph T Morris Charitable Trust03$3,455,035$3,754,340
Ray & Vesta Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund03$258,536$150,312
Raymond A Plummer And Mayme A Plummer Memorial Research Fund03$474,920$176,580
Raymond W & Margaret P Banowsky Memorial Trust03$182,040$136,631
Rbo Bragg Charitable Trust Uw03$1,175,410$595,023
Rebecca M Roveto Charitable Trust03$1,061,913$325,149
Reber Foundation Nationsbank Of Texas Na Trustee03$776,897$373,004
Rena Pearl Sharp Trust U C For Kansas City Association For Blind03$194,808$156,729
Renee C Cromwell Trust Fbo Charitie No First Natl Bk Ttee03$18,485,157$16,931,131
Renee C Crowell Trust Fbo Nelson Gallery03$7,590,999$7,109,917
Richard D Shiney Charitable Tr03$850,892$351,930
Richard E Richardson Irrv Suc Tua03$2,008,728$1,102,028
Richard Scott Peterson And Helen Martha Peterson Scholarship Trust03$2,995,777$365,831
Richter Adam Charitable03$1,603,988$309,973
Rita M Dickmeyer Trust Ua Dtd 04037503$5,809,787$2,345,766
Robert Charles Bunn Seattle Public Library Fund Sea-first Natl Bk Tte03$14,477,530$16,747,872
Robert Chase Erskine Foundation03$423,233$196,301
Robert E Burrough Trust Nationsbank Trust Div03$560,827$515,863
Robert E Tatum Trust No 10603$49,753$37,213
Robert Forney Suc Tua Charitable03$259,269$102,299
Robert Gleason And Mary Lou Skok Foundation03$90,905$42,326
Robert R And Rosemary Schuster Memorial Tr Fund03$342,870$258,052
Robert W Knox Sr And Pearl Willis Knox Charitable Foundation03$4,498,993$691,466
Robinson Arboretum Fund03$2,188,093$956,368
Rodney Shelton-seattle Fdn Trust03$282,260$98,523
Rogers Wo & Wm O Memorial Fund03$615,783$226,503
Rollerson Trust03$352,851$108,560
Roy & Christine Sturgis Educational Charitable Trust03$21,714,691$5,452,322
Roy E Thomas Medical Foundation03$2,441,250$533,917
Royal Young Educational Trust03$177,618$141,645
Ruth A Cantrall Trust03$32,343$7,706
Ruth A Mcdaniel Animal Welfare Fund03$710,126$248,185
S I Hahn Foundation03$1,322,475$267,689
Salaried Nummi Retiree Supp Health Plan09$14,033,827$26,064,931
Samuel & Gertrude Harke Charitable Trust 30-30-423-0774700 11-01-9303$18$911,581
Sanford Anderson Charitable Fdn03$376,063$386,503
Sarah Harris Johnson Lighthouse Fbo The Blind Fund03$1,132,541$340,623
Sarah Harris Johnson-childrens Orthopedic Hospital Fund03$892,315$270,305
Sarah Harris Johnson-epiphany Church Fund03$529,370$159,080
Sarah Harris Johnson-seattle Day Nursery Fund03$535,222$162,312
Sarah Harris Johnson-wash Heart Association Fund03$534,269$160,870
Sarah Harris Johnson-whitman College Fund03$8,415,848$2,920,505
Sarah R Fales Tr 845-062670503$1,065,173$479,302
Seimer Louise F Charitable Trust04$1,972,364$1,143,595
Selma E Andrews Perpetual Charitable Tr Ua 5188-0203$852,497$8,561,073
Sertoma International Trust03$181,503$62,779
Shelby Tengg Foundation For Heart & Cancer Research03$643,098$247,992
Shuler Fbo Az Easter Seal Society03$731,097$662,508
Shuler Fbo Shriners Hospital03$363,286$321,758
Shuler Fbo St Mary S Food Bank03$688,768$434,728
Shuler Fbo St Vincent De Paul03$931,504$445,329
Simmons Perpetual Endowment Trus03$328,514$402,912
Simpson Trust03$776,994$297,387
Smerge Family Foundation03$310,775$258,641
Socolofsky Marjorie G03$975,184$432,632
Sophie L Anderson Educational Trust03$201,207$137,183
Sophie L Anderson Foundation Trust A Fbo Shriners Hospital Whitworth03$2,542,094$1,107,220
Sopjie L Anderson Foundation Tr B Fbo Masonic Home03$858,054$351,442
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Mary Hardin-baylor Tr 13703$1,033,668$829,164
St Foundation03$375,807$293,573
St Stephen Presbyterian Church Tr 319303$435,868$135,241
Stebler Fred & Eva Foundation03$2,059,153$806,043
Stein Family Charitable Tr 502903$1,159,837$125,595
Stinson Foundation03$834,532$1,064,424
Suc Tua Milotte Scholarship03$916,674$615,054
Succ Tr U W Luella Kemper Trust92$366,288$135,698
Sue Terrell Hawley Memorial Fund Nect03$174,801$65,710
Susan Edith Campbell Tr03$458,598$176,073
Swan C Norby Scholarship Fund03$321,502$113,707
Sylvan T Baer Foundation Trust03$3,216,574$1,077,702
T & L Sowell Tua Charitable Tr03$17,951,773$1,276,053
Taylor S Abernathy And Patti Harding Abernathy Charitable Trust03$4,953,523$2,398,113
Tcu Tua Doris Penrose Char Tr03$237,837$88,323
Tcu Tua Hudson Scholarship Tr03$223,111$83,736
The B Jean Lathrop Benton Trust03$136,750$119,022
The Charles Lela And Mary Slough Foundation03$2,128,742$298,415
The Dorothy Gilbert Boaz Library Fund03$319,066$296,627
The Gohlman Foundation03$1,999,977$2,378,686
The Hubbard Family Foundation03$2,310,478$2,210,634
The Osberg Family Trust03$5,138,344$2,246,800
The Percy Franklin Lucas Memorial03$1$306,941
The Summerfield G Roberts Foundation03$8,475,043$8,459,829
Thelma Braun And Bocklett Family Foundation03$3,557,390$4,341,049
Theresa P Scarpellino For Charity Share Trust03$553,345$514,998
Thomas Mcshane Tr Uw03$131,716$78,097
Tillie & Alfred Shemanski Foundation03$302,224$102,927
Tillie And Alfred Shemanski Testamentary Trust03$7,481,591$3,032,172
Tom C & Mary B Reitch Charitable Trust Uw03$5,770,800$2,446,240
Tom C & Mary Reitch Scholarship03$1,393,873$409,281
Tom C Barnsley Foundation03$976,440$1,061,792
Tr Ua Air Force Village-Stevens03$467,005$376,529
Tr Ua Grace S Agee03$667,172$74,596
Tr Ua Mimmie Halley Smith03$2,369,287$1,008,837
Tr Uw Char Chas Schattner03$33,978$16,670
Tr Uw Ela Frances Moore03$1,011,634$1,185,733
Tr Uw Eugene Straus Charitable03$1,770,162$697,026
Tr Uw J A Walker Tr 292$3,511,882$3,601,671
Tr Uw J C Dunlap03$104,986$2,530
Tr Uw J N Edens Jr03$1,804,185$724,509
Tr Uw Joseph F Dulaney Found92$4,770,207$3,438,628
Tr Uw Josephine Belser Wile92$163,249$58,219
Tr Uw K Roberts Fbo Mma03$775,176$163,722
Tr Uw Lena S Helm Charitable03$331,475$387,463
Tr Uw Mary Ethel Reed92$69,978$73,134
Tr Uw Maud Bush Green92$680,263$251,389
Tr Uw Minnie M Jones92$497,573$143,537
Tr Uw W C Fuller03$554,362$248,949
Tr Uw W W Samuell-park Bd Dls92$7,072,266$2,917,787
Traphagen D H Memorial Fund03$1,711,670$541,016
Trust U W Of J B Ohara03$31,397,469$32,266,063
Trust Underwill Godwin Buckner Orphans 30-11-111-308914192$99,256$94,135
Tua A Anderson Loan Scholar Tr03$895,094$339,988
Tua A Anderson Research Trust92$161,949$63,905
Tua A Anderson Riley Char Tr03$82,264$31,459
Tua A Bergstrom Charitable Tr03$385,153$149,797
Tua Anna Foster Fbo Charities03$481,961$342,416
Tua Austin James Mummert03$1,597,869$977,658
Tua C & M Peterson Memorial Fd03$240,614$90,205
Tua C Johnson Memorial Trust92$82,943$36,574
Tua C Van Schoick Charitable92$1,571,556$1,286,576
Tua Char M Dunn Scholarship Tr03$257,622$97,915
Tua Ella Lemon Char Fdn03$562,417$187,762
Tua Esm & Dm Lucy Thompson Me03$586,190$669,459
Tua Esther Hass Scholarship Fd03$1,753,544$1,147,975
Tua James Slauson Charitable03$343,685$307,207
Tua L F Bishop Charitable Trust03$721,731$303,113
Tua L J Brockman Charitable Tr92$448,156$272,875
Tua Leslie & Wilma Foster Charit03$205,983$141,757
Tua Leslie & Wilma Foster Charit03$156,742$6,168
Tua Mary J Mingenback Cru03$593,034$22,540
Tua Morse Sorowitz03$761,229$705,936
Tua Price & Loula Cross92$410,576$369,460
Tua Steinbock Family Fdn03$740,081$503,769
Tua Streator Fbo United Meth Ch03$770,010$912,711
Tua William E Schneider Char03$896,494$826,701
Tua Wm B Bradshaw Charitable Tr92$329,372$131,548
Tuw A M Pate Jr Charitable Tr03$778,541$92,732
Tuw A R & Edna Morgan Fund03$167,112$60,108
Tuw Agnes Lauretta Mcclair Test92$895,446$305,024
Tuw Albert J Mehl03$257,893$318,245
Tuw Alma M Weber Charitable Trus03$1,428,946$1,809,859
Tuw Bessie Secor Charit Trust92$882,024$222,584
Tuw C Hadley Fbo Wenatchee Ymca03$970,502$374,816
Tuw C R Aldrich92$409,176$62,994
Tuw Clarke Lisbon Cemet Fnd03$223,996$66,072
Tuw Daisy Ferguson Grimes Charit03$164,711$294,383
Tuw Dallas S Squire Scholarship92$387,852$318,695
Tuw E Bashore Fbo College Of Oza03$295,438$87,455
Tuw E J Edson Charitable Trust03$430,137$343,135
Tuw Earl J Deubach03$822,527$300,297
Tuw Etta H Howell Charitable92$1,409,777$1,101,974
Tuw F Johnson Charitable Trust03$240,128$74,696
Tuw G P Staufenbeil Charitable92$201,780$79,978
Tuw Glen G Tyler03$353,624$315,027
Tuw Grace Edna Strange03$266,444$171,416
Tuw H D Smith Fbo Newport Wash03$660,931$400,543
Tuw H Watson Scholarship Trust92$854,696$342,425
Tuw Hale Davis Fbo Dallas Tx92$378,067$287,432
Tuw Harriet Taylor Char Trust03$94,745$30,039
Tuw Helen F Sells03$918,803$910,195
Tuw Helen Perkins03$130,368$158,260
Tuw J & M Carby Scholarship Fund03$1,029,715$1,334,107
Tuw J Celli Charitable Fund03$678,402$259,242
Tuw Jennie B Scholder 7801100 862960103$468,344$208,428
Tuw John Holloran Char Trust92$664,837$469,723
Tuw L E Graves Charitable Trust03$530,833$206,337
Tuw L Gardner Fbo Presbyterian M92$638,041$559,865
Tuw L M Lovegren Charitable Trus03$270,650$207,911
Tuw Lewis P Humphreys Test Trust03$775,719$511,757
Tuw Mary Pearl Bolton03$482,301$74,794
Tuw Mcintire C Farley Boys Rch92$1,407,261$478,106
Tuw Minerva B Willard03$142,374$132,516
Tuw Ml Thompson Nature Sanctuary03$616,522$581,319
Tuw Otto Arnold Charitable Trust03$936,831$445,978
Tuw P & G Burns Scholarship Tr03$215,244$85,027
Tuw P M & J G Williamson Fdn03$2,818,475$1,209,370
Tuw Patti C Breaker Fbo Ut03$1,584,906$1,057,121
Tuw Patti C Breaker Fbo Wash U03$1,610,155$1,337,496
Tuw Rachel Lyman Charitable03$11,918,769$3,914,948
Tuw Reid Byron03$239,321$111,487
Tuw Robert M Dreyer03$677,645$235,208
Tuw Roy F Grindol Tr No Two03$622,461$529,045
Tuw Rt Rev Msgr Vincent F Mccart92$122,877$130,337
Tuw Samuel H Clinedinst92$3,115,811$2,597,007
Tuw Sena Wold Charitable Foundation03$200,833$69,655
Tuw Sidney Lansley Tr B03$887,520$370,162
Tuw Stanley W Briggs Charit03$158,469$134,309
Tuw Tillar Fb Ft Worth Art Assoc03$2,100,243$1,750,530
Tuw W M Yeaman Charitable Tr B03$214,548$79,815
Tuw Zella M Smith Scholar Trust03$323,797$222,164
United Presbyterian Homes Trust92$44,783$57,803
University Of Missouri-rolla Engineering Management Trust03$394,789$338,429
V W Thuesen Scholarship Fund03$153,283$75,813
Van Nuys J Benton Charitable03$1,829,413$597,161
Victor E And Caroline E Schutte Foundation03$13,874,612$4,682,109
Victor E Speas Foundation- 10 04464 0003$33,178,948$39,494,042
Victor Wilson Charitable Trust 532-1200947200092$17,227,198$22,935,708
Virginia Scatena Memorial Fund For San Francisco School Teachers03$167,373$139,977
W A Harwi Testamentary Trust03$5,046,566$1,394,246
W H & Mary Ellen Cobb Charitable Tr03$2,216,557$701,198
W J Brace Charitable Tr03$6,875,539$2,154,455
W P & Bulah Luse Foundation03$7,614,317$7,133,466
Waldemar L Stein Foundation03$1,029,877$450,244
Walter Bishop Williams Trust 401-35760 Nect03$1,384,857$516,332
Walter E And Annie E Boyce Memorial Fund03$1,015,254$438,497
Walter E And Lucy M Roush Charitable Trust03$1,259,451$434,752
Walter J & Holly O Thomson Charitable Foundation03$31,589,346$14,153,772
Walter S & Evan C Jones Trust Bank Iv Kansas Na Ttee92$50,301,046$15,355,925
Warfield Foundation03$634,800$290,672
Warren R Austin And Heath Horton03$1,762,481$1,718,799
Washburn University Of Topeka Trust03$1,512,671$512,911
Waterman Medical Foundatiion03$2,240,422$1,503,235
West Johnson & Elizabeth J Lasselle Scholarship Trust03$1,747,973$1,527,565
Westminister Presbyterian Trust03$1,072,472$59,558
Wichita Community Foundation 1 75-11111268280091$135,412$143,606
Wichita Community Foundation 2 75-11111269030091$75,938$75,609
Wilhelmina Clapp T/u/a 00618 -0403$143,452$90,991
Wilkins Charitable Foundation03$3,946,889$1,493,316
William E & Mary S Reed Living Trust U-a Dtd 01-16-7692$516,687$214,840
William H & Lucille F Williams Charitable Tr03$2,172,749$243,915
William H & Margaret P Hastings Tr03$2,500$40,043
William H And Lillian Dolde Charitable Trust03$2,711,160$1,241,620
William Henry Hastings Foundation03$173,875$24,929
William Michael Shelton Education Trust Fund03$729,058$329,805
William N Morris E & Betty Rashkov Crut 431-412075092$4,533,941$1,984,552
William R And Mary J Bailie Memorial Foundation03$300,059$105,665
William W Powell Historical Society Tr03$81,418$60,512
William Z Hayes Foundation U W Of Lucy Dupree Hayes03$505,988$533,830
William Z Hayes Foundation Uw William Z Hayes03$626,796$629,487
Winifred And B A Killson Educational Foundation03$2,866,142$532,579
Wittenbach Memorial Scholarship Fund 73-16-202-398991703$1,105,849$378,168
Wm C & Mariee S Shank Charitable Trust03$1,673,943$1,451,270
Wood Fam Charitable Tr Tua92$2,644,478$882,585
Worthings Scholarship Fund03$4,783,281$3,080,846
Young Mens Christian Association Of Topeka Trust03$1,508,262$510,393
Youth Home Endowment Trust03$1,637,481$512,403
Zemma E Womack Foundation03$782,778$272,802

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